The acronym MCDFGME stands for Multi Configuration Dirac Fock and General Matrix Element. This code was designed to be very versatile while using numerical wave functions tabulated on a grid  to compute total energies and various other properties (see present status ). The Self Consistent Field equations are derived from the Dirac-Breit operator (including, as an option, the full retardation in the electron-electron interaction). After self-consistency has been achieved, total energy is corrected for QED contributions (self-energy and vacuum polarization)
The limitations of the code should, in principle, only arise from:
  • fundamental principle (maximum nuclear charge, i.e. critical Z, ....)
  • lack of convergence of the numerical methods
  • computer restrictions (memory available, disk storage, ...)

Atomic structure should be interpreted in an extended sense since the code can handle not only electrons but also more "exotic" particles like muons, kaons, .... (with the restriction that only one "exotic" particle can be added to the electrons). When the "exotic" particle is a Boson, the Klein Gordon equation is solved instead of the Dirac equation.


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