The working version of MCDFGME Release 2005.10
is able to compute:
  • Energy calculations including the Coulomb only or the Coulomb + Breit Interaction self-consistently and QED corrections added in perturbation
  • Radiative transitions probabilities*
  • Auger transition rates
  • Photoionization cross sections*
  • Hyperfine Structure constants
  • Landé factor
  • Born electron impact cross sections
  • Stark effect
  • Parity non-conserving amplitude
  • Scalar product of total wave functions
  • Schiff moment
  • Magnetic part of the g-2 corrections for antiprotons#
* With the option to use non orthonormalized orbitals between the two states
# Indeed, besides electrons, option is given to add a single "exotic" particle (muon, antiproton, pion, kaon or sigma)
cannot handle (planned for future releases):
- Two-photon transitions
- Auger rates with non orthogonal orbitals between the initial and final states

This page was last updated on 08/15/05